The Last Tilt

The Last Tilt

Production of the SR400 officially came to an end in 2021 and we couldn’t let it leave the party without paying tribute. Our friends at Infini Sports Group had the same idea and so the ‘Last Tilt’ was born. 

One of my earliest memories attached to motorcycles was sneaking pictures next to an SR parked outside a secondhand clothing shop on my way to school. My friends and I would watch on, slackjawed as the clerk approached his bike, donned a half helmet, vintage goggles and a Schott leather jacket; you’d think he was floating an inch off the ground the way we watched in awe as he deftly kickstarted the bike and took off from the curb. 

As it turns out, our anonymous idol wasn’t the only SR fan. Yamaha’s renowned SR400 has captivated fans worldwide since 1978; With its timeless design remaining unchanged throughout its forty-three-year production. Characterized by its simplistic tank, separate handlebar set up, and tuck ‘n’ roll seat, it was the motorcycle I had always yearned for, a testament to ever-changing times. 

This project was brought to life upon the request of the Infini Sports Group, responsible for operating six YSP Yamaha dealers in the Kanto and Tohoku regions.


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