The Valkyrie

Be not afraid! 

Named for the fearsome, angelic figures who guide Odin's followers into the afterlife, the Valkyrie is a leaner, modern incarnation of one of our all-time great builds. It was only a matter of time before the familiar shape of the Grievous Angel reappeared in the workshop. No immaculate conception here,  just a 45-year-old donor bike- Already sporting a 535 big bore kit, Keihin FCR39 and TT style exhaust; All bark, but no real aesthetic bite.

Enter director of spanner spinning, Jeremy Tagand. After a full strip and inspection, he set to work grafting the iconic alloy track master style tank and bikini fairing to the bike. The cafe seat, adorned in dark brown leather courtesy of Bad Arse Trim co, and a subtle stainless front fender complete the bodywork perfectly. 

For an authentic, café racer stance we need hands forward and feet back, so a set of clip-ons, smooth top clamp and rear sets were the next boxes to tick. 

Riding fast in a straight line is all well and good, but hitting an apex perfectly is even better! A set of YSS piggyback shocks and PD valve kit keep the mighty SR planted to the blacktop, while a Brembo big brake kit ensures you don't leave it.

So far the recipe for the Grievous has been followed to a T, but it was time for the Valkyrie to spread her alloy wings. This time around Jez opted for a set of Kellermann Atto indicators to illuminate the lefts and rights, Motone 2 button switch and a mini switch on the handlebars with internal wiring. Plus a creature comfort that most SR owners are not accustomed to an electric start kit courtesy of Nuts And Bolts France. The final deviation from the original Angel was the metallic emerald green paint to grace the tank and fender. 

A lightweight, no-nonsense, rib-shaking thumper- Back to basics. Necessary when you’re trying to wake the dead.

Build by Jeremy Tagand

Photography by Chris Grundy


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