The Portal Of Possibilities, Milan

Via Thaon Di Revel 3, 20159 Milan, Italy

Store: +39 02 83422610
Workshop: +39 02 49784979

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Deus ex Machina in Milan: motorcycles, bicycles, surfing and clothing united by passion, and a Café.

The enthusiasm of this simple world and the spirit of belonging that distinguishes lovers of the brand have met with great success in Sydney, Bali and Los Angeles.

After these 3 places, on March 15 a new temple of enthusiasm Deus ex Machina opened its doors in the heart of Milan, in via Thaon di Revel 3, within the first Italian "motorcycle district".

In the Milanese Deus store it is always possible to find new specials, motorcycles, bicycles and it will also be the place to appreciate some Deus "icons": the "Greivous Angel", "The Mono", the "Street Tracker" bikes, the Deus Cycleworks bikes with “Surf carriers” and fat tires, bikes of all kinds, city, fun, custom fixed gear based on Cinelli or vintage, the Deus surfboards, made in Bali for enthusiasts by the best shapers in the world.

Outside the exhibition space there is the Deus Workshop where motorcycles can be customized of repaired. Around the yard the Deus Café is flanked: a restaurant bar that with its atmosphere has quickly become the meeting point for fans of the 3 worlds related to Deus and the beating heart of the events that can take place there.Deus ex Machina a Milano

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